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Safe Methods of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing has become very popular as of late, and with good reason too. The average American diet consists of many things that make for an unhealthy system within your body. We eat plenty of foods that are processed and refined, with lots of sugar. There are many additives and preservatives in our food. The typical American eats a lot of fast food in our on-the-go society, which is fatty, and again, sugar rich. Unless we buy them organically, our fruits and vegetables have many chemicals. The most commonly used are pesticides. Finally, our meat is raised with antibiotics and hormones.

It is time to look for methods that will give us positive effects on our bodies. There are many reasons to look into this type of cleansing. Many people use it as part of their diet to lose weight but that isn’t the major point. Our bodies are created to detoxify and cleanse themselves, but there is a limit for everyone. We all have what is called a “toxic threshold.” When we constantly eat low fiber and low nutrient foods, it goes through us without digesting well. It can sit in the stomach too long, causing a myriad of problems for our stomachs and colons. The longer this happens, it can absorb back into our bodies through our bloodstream.

Let’s look at some safe ways to prevent and/or fix the effects of that happening.

Juice Fasting: Safe and Tolerable

Juice fasting is by far one of the most popular methods. It is safe, it isn’t extreme, and it is tasty. It gives your body the nutrients it needs and helps regulate your blood sugar.

Here are some tips that can make your fast a more relatively enjoyable experience:

  • Plan your recipes. There are many to be found in books and on the internet. Of course you can use your own favorites after some experimentation!
  • Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to avoid boredom. You can also add spices to the mix.
  • Make large amounts. You can use them throughout the day. Store them in an airtight container for up to 24hours.
  • Buy your ingredients early so you can avoid the temptations stores such as bakeries have to offer.
  • Buy some additional produce that are packed with nutrients. Wheat grass is a favorite.

After you have bought your supplies, you need to know what to do with them. First clean your fruits and vegetables (organic if humanly possible). Cut them up into small pieces and extract the juices out with your juicer. Clean your juicer after each use.


There are medical institutions that offer what is called “colon hydrotherapy.” It is simple and produces results, but most importantly it is safe. They begin by flushing the bowels and waste out with a carefully monitored temperature. It can take up to forty to fifty minutes, but it is a little on the pricey range if you are on a budget. This method can also be used with other treatments you are trying, such as the juicing.

Holistic Approaches

All-natural approaches have plenty of merit as well. By incorporating overall wellness, it can help you achieve greater awareness of not just what you eat or weight loss, but perhaps higher goals such as spirituality as well. Here are more positives about using this method:

  • The holistic version uses more formulas that keep or restore the good bacteria in your intestines, such as natural intestinal flora.
  • Some of the best colon cleansers incorporate anti-parasitic properties and probiotics.
  • There are gluten-free formulas.
  • There are genetically modified types that are easier to handle, such as powders and teas, as well as capsules and tablets. However, the capsules get absorbed more quickly than the tablets.

As always, talk to your doctor before attempting any of these. You may have an ongoing condition that could have an adverse reaction to the treatment. Also, make sure you inform your doctor about any other medicines and supplements you are taking to avoid adverse reactions.

How do I Know It’s Working?

You will feel as if your whole body is being cleansed, but reactions differ depending on your body and what toxins lie within it. Common reactions are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sweating
  3. Headache
  4. Rashes
  5. The feeling that you are catching the flu

Although this sounds uncomfortable, the results will be more than profitable in the end. Get plenty of rest, don’t engage in strenuous activities, and afterwards, enjoy your new-found health.

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